Welcome to Lady in Red! I am so glad you are here!

My name is Nikki and I am the owner of Lady in Red.

Parties, Weddings, Events… these can all be difficult things to pull off!  If you have already planned your event but need someone to step in to oversee all of the moving pieces, I am here to help!  My job is to ensure that all of those details you have spent hours planning, come to fruition.  My goal is to ensure that you can be the host and enjoy your guests while I manage all of the details behind the scenes.  

I’ve always been the creative girl who loves a good checklist.

As a girl, play dates often included organizing friends’ bedrooms.

(This was nixed from the activity list when the parents of some friends realized their child never cleaned their room and just invited me over instead…)

As a teen, I’d visit an old elementary school teacher and help her reorganize her classroom. Over the years I have been asked to be a personal attendant for weddings, plan or host baby and bridal showers or pull together a gathering of friends and coordinate church events.

I am a long standing, self-proclaimed, organization junkie. Mix that in with a love of hosting and/or entertaining and you have a recipe for ‘Lady in Red.’

So why the name...

Several years ago.. I was hired by a couple for their wedding day. This couple had
done all of the planning for the day, had all of the vendors compiled and the decorations made but
found that they would be a bit busy on the day of their wedding to pull all of the pieces together. I met
the bride prior to the wedding to see her venues and get her vision. When the day came to say I do, I
was able to pull all of the pieces together to make her vision complete. I was her eyes and ears behind
the scenes directing vendors and organizing the potential chaos. That day, I happened to be wearing a
red dress and became known to all involved as

‘The Lady in Red’.


Wedding Day
Wedding Day + Rehearsal